Private Plane Rental

All of Aptis’s aircraft are available for rental with a short checkout ride with one of our qualified flight instructors. Our aircraft are guaranteed to be clean and mechanically maintained to the highest FAA standards possible. When you rent an Aptis aircraft you can relax knowing that it was professionally maintained and serviced by only FAA certified mechanics. We focus on quality service and leave the maintenance to the professionals.
Plane Rates Mon-Wed Thur-Sun
Cessna 150M $88.20/hr $98/hr N9230U
Cessna 172M $124.20/hr $138/hr N6835H
Cessna 172RG $145.80/hr $162/hr N6542V
Simulator Rates Mon-Wed Thur-Sun
Magenta $67.50/hr $75/hr
Other Rates Rate
Instructor $52/hr
Ground School $400

Scenic Flights

There's nothing quite like experiencing the breathtaking bird's eye views of eastern Massachusetts. Aptis Aviation offers a variety of scenic flight tours that will give our passengers an amazing perspective of the world below. With Minuteman Airports central location we have the flexibility to tour many scenic locations, including downtown Boston. All scenic flights can support up to three passengers.

Select and pay for the scenic tour you'd like to go on then call or email us to schedule your flight. We look forward to seeing you.

Choose a Scenic Flight package

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The local scenic flight is our most economical. Take off from beautiful Minuteman Airport and see the
sights of Stow, such as the rolling hills filled with apple orchards and the beautiful local golf courses.
Flight Duration: 15 minutes
Package rate: $69


Mt. Wachusett and the Wachusett reservoir are scenic hotspots in central Massachusetts. Beautiful
anytime of year Wachusett stands out in the fall and winter months. Experience the beauty of the
foliage in the fall and watch skiers speed down the mountain in the winter.
Flight Duration: 35 minutes
Package rate: $139


There’s nothing like seeing downtown Boston from 1000 feet. Boston is our most popular scenic flight and for good reason, it’s just breathtaking. You get to see up close the financial district and historical Fenway Park. It is an experience of a lifetime.
Flight Duration: 45 minutes
Package rate: $169

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Being a pilot is all about freedom and fun. Owning a plane adds to that freedom, but it’s also a huge responsibility — even more so than being a pilot. Our concierge service lets you concentrate more on flying and less about the day-to-day responsibilities of owning an aircraft, so your plane doesn’t wind up owning you. You just show up and fly. It’s that easy.

Using our custom software, we will keep track of and perform any or all of the following services for you:

  • Tiedown Service
  • Fueling
  • Pilot biannual flight review reminder
  • Pilot medical expiration reminder
  • Subscription updates
  • Pre-heat
  • Plane cleaning & detailing
  • Required scheduled maintenance

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